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What’s your relationship to productivity?

😓 The thing is, in the past, I always felt quite funny about the word productivity. The word carried such an industrious and corporate weight, and, for the longest time, being productive was about doing and achieving as efficiently as possible. It meant spending as little time, money, and energy as possible to bring about the most results. Work more hours and move up the ladder so you get paid more. You show professionalism and dedication when you can take on multiple projects with more responsibilities.

I even had to be productive when I had fun, so I visited as many countries as possible and got as many new experiences as possible.

😫 The truth is many of us, especially those who aspire to be high-performing, have no problem doing and achieving. It's tough, sure. But, after all, we’re conditioned by our modern society to always achieve and produce results. This is especially true for those of us entrepreneurs who came from the corporate world before starting our own businesses. We are used to being encouraged (or forced, more often than not, if I'm honest) and rewarded for achieving more with the same amount of or fewer resources as quickly as possible. When I first began my business offering business coaching services, I overwhelmed myself with stress, anxiety and excessive work hours to the point of getting physically sick.

💡 When you’re in the thick trenches of just-getting-shit-done-as-much-and-quickly-as-you-can, it’s easy to forget WHY WE’RE DOING ALL OF THIS IN THE FIRST PLACE, which is that

  • We all want to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

  • We all want to make good money to support whatever lifestyle we choose.

  • We all want to be successful at work and in business.

  • We all want to have good relationships with the people around us.

  • We all want a life full of love, freedom, and joy.

THAT is what drove you to start your own business. Do you remember? :D

🙏 My relationship with my business, my life, and myself fundamentally transformed and started driving the big why when I redesigned the idea of productivity for myself. And I’m so thankful that I can tell you more about this moving forward.

🔑 What’s your current relationship to productivity?

🔑 If you had all the resources, how would you like it differently?

🔑 What made you want to start your own business in the beginning?

⭐️ Joon is a Seoul-based Productivity & Leadership Coach dedicated to helping entrepreneurial women. She coaches clients from all over the world in Korean and English on Zoom.

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