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learn to spend your time & energy on things that matter the most while CREATING A THRIVING BUSINESS

I know that many of you have been wondering what exactly happens when you sign up for my program. And those of you who were my clients in the past have been curious about how my coaching service has evolved over time.

Well, wonder no more!

Today, I will tell you all about my program REDESIGN PRODUCTIVITY: a personal leadership program for entrepreneurial women.

In this mindset coaching program, I’ll be your partner, supporter, and thought-provoker to help you set your mind straight and build yourself up as a leader of yourself, your life, and your business in your entrepreneurial journey. We will work together so that you come out of this journey owning all the treasures and assets that you are and expanding all the possibilities of yourself. That is the most fundamental expansion required for your life and business to not just succeed, but thrive with fulfillment, joy, and abundance beyond your imagination.

Who is this program for?

This program is for women or anyone identifying themselves as women who

  • Are solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurially minded

  • Work and achieve a lot, but feels there’s a better way

  • Have been focusing on building up their business, their team, their family and everything else in their life except for themselves

  • Experience waves of overwhelm, stress and anxiety about their endless responsibilities

  • Have difficulty managing and prioritizing their time, energy and resources including their team

  • Want to gain confidence and authority as a chief

  • Learn the best in a structured program


1. Reality Check

We’ll begin with understanding where you are now. What’s your relationship with productivity now? Where are you in life and in your business? We’ll visualize this and look at it objectively. Then, we’ll identify your Pain points and Goals. What are the challenges that made you come to this program? At the end of this program, what do you want to walk away with?


CLMV stands for Core values, Leader within, Mission, and Vision. This is the most fundamental part of the program because figuring out your CLMV is to represent the heart of yourself as an individual in your business. When you're an entrepreneur, your work is not separate from your life, so there's no such thing as a work-life balance. Instead, creating a successful business should be about creating a successful life. It's one and the same.

That means in your picture of a thriving success, every decision you make for yourself and your business must align with your CLMV. It is the cornerstone of your life and your business.

3. Inner Game

The Inner Game is about your relationship with yourself. Taking a mental inventory is to list all the responsibilities that are weighing on you and see how you can discard the ones that do not add value to your life and business. We’ll also discover some of the strengths you already have within you, a.k.a. your allies, that can propel you forward because I believe you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. You have so many allies and treasures within you. You just gotta learn to tap into them!

But we also have a lot of self-limiting beliefs that keep us going in circles and bring us down. We called these your saboteurs. It's wise to face them, tame them and learn to live with them instead of letting them jerk you around.

Mindfulness is big for me to cultivate your Inner Game. So I'll have you do daily gratitude journaling, which is a powerful tool to drive mental and emotional serenity.

4. Outer Game

The Outer Game is how you show up to the world. I've found many women struggle to be taken "seriously" by various stakeholders. This used to be my story as well. We’ll work on your Executive Presence to help you amplify your influence.

We can also explore ways that you can cultivate a strong Team Culture if you manage a team so that you can best utilize the most important - and expensive - external resource: Your people.

Creating boundaries between people and areas of your dynamic life is crucial, so that you can channel your focus and energy on important matters.

5. Action Planning

This is a structure for you to drive execution discipline. Using Action Planning Journal, you will capture your discoveries and action plans before and after each coaching session so that you can apply your learnings to your everyday life and business immediately.

6. Progress Check

Toward the end of the program, we’ll celebrate how far you’ve achieved and what’s next for you.

What’s the structure?


  • We meet 1:1 for 50 minutes at a time bi-weekly on Zoom for 6 months

  • We align goals for your growth

  • We have coaching dialogues to help you fill the gap


  • You apply the learnings from the sessions to your life & business.

  • You journal & do workbook exercises at your own pace.

  • You capture the new discoveries and questions from them.

  • You bring a topic or inquiry to your next session.

  • Cultivate entrepreneurial spirit

  • Prioritize time & energy on important things

  • Create and enjoy your own pace of your life

  • Have a deeper understanding of yourself and your purpose

  • Invite balance, joy, confidence, and freedom in your life and business

  • Live a life where business & personal life harmoniously coexist

What do the clients say?
  • “I’m able to manage my time flexibly and I don’t feel guilty about taking breaks or not working at all. I’ve changed the way I see myself, my work, and my life with more confidence and joy.”

  • “I'm more focused on things that are truly important for me. I am more present when I'm with my daughter. I'm more peaceful, more level-headed, more flexible and happier as a mom, a professional and a person.


6 monthly payments of $350 OR $2000


Want to see if we're a good fit for each other?

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Joonyoung Kim is a Productivity & Leadership Coach based in Korea. She is passionate about helping businesswomen redesign productivity so that they can spend their time and energy on things that matter the most while creating a thriving business. She's certified by Co-Active Training Institute & Leadership Circle and partners with Ezra Coaching, Leadership Circle and Coachdot as an executive leadership coach. For private clients, she coaches in English or Korean on Zoom across time zones.

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