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I have a gift for you

How would you like a vivid vision for your thriving biz in 2024?

The gift

I'm super excited to tell you that I’ve created a 90-minute strategic business vision workshop where I will help you create a vision for 2024 that is full of fulfillment and success! It's a generous gift because it's free for anyone who wants to dream. (And I think I will give it away every year 🤫🤫)

What the heck is vision?

A vision is not just for big corporations to have. We all can have a vision. It’s basically your dream. A big picture behind your business targets. It serves as a purpose. THE BIG WHY behind why we do what we do.

When we say we’re living a fulfilling, purposeful life, we want to see this BIG WHY embodied in your life, which means you’re living a resonant life that makes you truly happy and satisfied according to your own free will, authenticity & creativity.

This was my vision board from 2018. Right after I got suddenly laid off from a fancy pants corporate job to which I was borderline workaholic "dedicated". I was clearly desiring a life that's healthier, more holistic, abundant, dynamic and nurturing. I believe I'm definitely living that now and so much more(minus the bikinis 👙😆)

why do I need it?

Most often, we lose sight of this big picture or don’t even realize we have one. Perhaps we consider dreaming to be childish, unrealistic or irrelevant.

When we stop visioning, dreaming or finding a purpose - call it what you will - what happens then is that the work, the business, and the target itself become the purpose, so we end up working not for the sake of living an authentic, meaningful life, but we work for the sake of working.

When the work becomes our purpose, we often find ourselves stressed, burned out, unexcited, and constantly feeling like something’s missing. 2% dissatisfied.

Suddenly, I realized I was living my vision. The dream that once seemed totally outlandish has already become a reality.

what's IN it for me?

When you have a clear vision, it will guide you through thick and thin and keep you focused especially when things come at you from all directions, which is mostly the case for us entrepreneurs. You will prioritize better and use your time and energy on things that are truly important for you.

The simple question you ask yourself is 'Is this in line with how I envision my business?'

My own powerful experience

I have my vision board for 2023 in front of my desk and I look at it every day. Everyday and all day. I put it up where I can’t miss it.

When I first created it back in January, It really seemed like an overly ambitious stretch. It was scary to declare that I wanted those things because then I would need to really make it happen and I wondered if I really had what it took.

But around September-ish, suddenly, I realized I was already living that. Maybe not to 100%, but certainly, what once seemed totally outlandish has become a reality.

This is my 2023 VB and I'm proud to say I'm living almost all of it as we speak.

I've earned certifications from International Coaching Federation(ACC) and Korea Coach Association(KPC) this year.

I've also translated two print materials, one of which is soon to be published in Korea and I regularly support Co-Active courses as an interpreter.

I've put together a pretty comprehensive coaching program for business women and I'm quite proud of it.

My schedule is fully booked. I'm producing content, facilitating courses and coaching quite actively.

I don't sweat over money anymore.

I've taken an overseas trip with mom.

I'm sharing my stories of resilience and change vis this blog.

I've revamped my website offering a new look & feel.

My message to empower women and living life at its fullest is sharper and louder than ever.

Am I friggin amazing or am I amazing?!

And how exciting 2024 already is! I can't wait.

I truly believe in this magic and I wanted to share this experience with more businesswomen.

But really this workshop could be for anyone who wants to dream up the best possible version of their 2024, so essentially anyone can benefit from it.


All we gotta do is to literally put pictures and images together that symbolize the most ideal scenario of your business and life that make your heart beat fast. It’s got nothing to do with whether you can do it, or you have enough qualification or have nought time or money to do it. You’re letting go of all the restraints and simply staying true to what your heart desires. This is why it’s kinda hard to do it by yourself. Hence, you work with a professional!


THE WORKSHOP : The Vision 2024

It's a 90-min Strategic Business Vision Workshop led by yours truly.

When: November 28th

What time: 5PM Seoul (+9GMT)

Where: Zoom.

Language: English

Cost: It’s totally free of charge.


Only a couple of spots left, so please leave a comment or DM me with your contact info if you want to participate and I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group.

Let's dream together!


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Joonyoung Kim is a Productivity & Leadership Coach based in Korea. She is passionate about helping businesswomen redesign productivity so that they can spend their time and energy on things that matter the most while creating a thriving business. She's certified by ICF, Co-Active Training Institute & Leadership Circle and partners with Ezra Coaching, Leadership Circle and Coachdot as an executive coach. For private clients, she coaches in English or Korean on Zoom across time zones.

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