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Are you a closeted perfectionist?

is there such a thing as perfectly cut grass?

😓 Often We entrepreneurial women don’t struggle because we don’t do enough. We take care of all matters of our business, family, and all other aspects of our lives. We, women, are caring doers. We have no problem getting shit done.

But, sometimes, you work really hard and do your absolute best. Still, in the back of your mind, you feel there are more things you could’ve done, and whatever accomplishment you just achieved was nice but could’ve been nicer. So you overstretch yourself, take on additional responsibilities, work later hours, compromise personal and family time, eat shitty food, and sleep less.

Here's another story. Sometimes we beat ourselves up for not achieving our goals. And you feel that the goals were not even that ambitious to begin with. Everyone else seems to be doing it, so why shouldn’t I be able to?

Even when you reach the goals, you think I should have exceeded the target. I should have grown my business larger and faster by now. You feel guilty and inadequate, especially when you’re comparing yourself to others doing the same things better, bigger, and flashier and thinking, “Do I really have what it takes? Am I doing it right? Am I gonna be able to pull this off?” And you start torturing yourself with this unnecessary self-doubt, when in fact, your goals were perhaps even unattainably high!


Why do we constantly doubt and distrust ourselves
despite so much that we’re doing?

😱 It’s because we often set ourselves up for unattainable goals in the form of perfection. And believe me. I used to think for a long time that I was “too cool” to be a perfectionist. (And how delusional I had been!) But the reality was that I was constantly holding myself and everyone around me up against exceptionally high standards.

How did I become that? Well, there are many reasons, and some of them go way back to when I was a child. (SURPRISE!). But we often expect “perfection” from ourselves not because we want to be “perfect” per se but because that’s what our surroundings expect of us. 'The revenue has to be at a certain level by now. I should’ve been able to hire more people by now.' These thoughts come from your profound (and maybe closeted) belief that whatever you’re doing and whatever you are is not enough compared to something or someone that’s not you.


💡 TRUTH: No one is perfect. No business is perfect. A successful business is, in fact, an ever-evolving work in progress that’s full of creativity and experimentation.

🙏 You’re fiercely paving your own path. That’s why you decided to be an entrepreneur.

Whatever you’re doing is enough.

🔑 What are the stories you're telling yourself to justify your perfectionist tendencies?

🔑 What makes you and your business unique and authentic?

🔑 What’s the one thing you can acknowledge about your entrepreneurial path?


❤️ Joon is a Productivity & Leadership Coach based in Korea. She is passionate about empowering women in business across Asia. She coaches in English or Korean across time zones.

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