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Co-Active & Leadership Circle Coach

"I believe a path to successful entrepreneurship begins with a commitment to becoming a leader of yourself and your life first."


  • I aim to live a life of authenticity that constantly challenges the status quo.

  • I'm unafraid to pave my own way as I walk through the new and the unknown as I have taken on personal and professional opportunities around the globe in 5 continents, 24 countries, and 40+ cities with SMEs and MNCs. I proudly thrive on transitions as a master of manifesting the life of my choosing.

  • Having overcome PTSD, depression, and addiction, I understand the courage and strength it takes to go through the emotional, physical, and spiritual journey of recovery.  I embody resilience to empower.  

  • As an artist at heart, I appreciate what creativity does for our soul, and I bring design by spontaneity and intention to everything I do. 

  • As an internationally certified expert in talent and organizational development, I understand how team goals and individual capabilities should be intertwined to create synergy.

My Core Values




It was about a year into a seemingly glamorous expat life in Singapore. Just as prescribed in the redundancy manual, I was told on one Friday afternoon that I no longer had a job as part of global restructuring.  When the company offered to relocate me from Korea a year before, my confidence skyrocketed thinking I deserved it all. Suddenly struck with absolute devastation and confusion, I desperately tried to be level-headed. I meditated and exercised rigorously everyday, and hired a coach to boost my career trajectory. Soon I was back home with a new career and stability. I thought I was doing everything right. How mistaken I was.


About 18 months later, I found myself in complete financial and emotional ruin as a victim of a gaslighting scam. I completely lost myself and was abusing alcohol to cope. How I eventually woke up from the nightmare is a miracle, but once I opened my eyes, I saw the the truths. Despite the independent and confident facade, I had been deeply unhappy and insecure about my life. I had been ungrateful hoping to be saved from the mediocrity of life.


I was determined and ready for a fundamental overhaul. I began looking beyond myself at the world around me. I started mending the relationships I had with my work, my family and people around me, and, most importantly, with myself. I started journaling with discipline, cut out alcohol and nicotine from my life cold turkey, and allocated time and energy to look inward and upward with intention everyday. I worked with a therapist to heal from my traumas and with a coach to move forward.


Studying coaching at first was to maximize self-awareness. Soon, I became committed to the ongoing discovery of who I was and what I truly wanted in life.  I’ve learned to exercise humility and acceptance and focus on finding my own version of fulfillment and peace of mind. This allowed me become effective in helping other women tap into and maximize their inner resources, which turned out we all have a lot! I was propelled forward with remarkable courage and conviction to pursue my life’s mission to share this experience of empowerment with all women. That’s how I came to be here and now.


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